Structural Remediation & Rehabilitation Experience

Abergeldie has been carrying out important sustainability and remedial works for a number of years.

Having identified Australia’s increasing need for asset maintenance and renewal as councils, local government and corporations struggle to balance budgetary constraints with the need for ongoing capital investment, Abergeldie’s new strategic business unit is dedicated to restoring and/or extending the life of Australia’s ageing infrastructure assets.

With a primary focus on rehabilitation, structural remediation and repair work on any type of infrastructure asset, ranging from industrial installations, power generation, marine structures, through to all types of transport, water and wastewater infrastructure, the company’s specialities include:

  • Conventional concrete repair and protection using hand applied polymer modified cementitious mortars and anti-carbonation coatings including Silane coatings, along with epoxy, polyurethane and cementitious crack injection techniques;
  • Concrete repair using wet or dry Shotcrete technology (incorporating both polymer modified and non-polymer modified cementitious materials);
  • External structural strengthening incorporating composite materials such as carbon fibre fabric and laminates, additional externally placed steel plates and increasing the cross section of members using shotcrete or form and pour techniques;
  • Electrochemical protection incorporating impressed current cathodic protection, hybrid cathodic protection, and galvanic protection technology; and Steel structure protective coatings against corrosion.

Examples of some of Abergeldie’s structural remediation projects can be viewed below.