Structural Remediation, Restoration, Repair & Rehabilitation

Over the past twenty years, Abergeldie has been regularly called upon to provide important sustainability and remedial works due to Australia’s increasing demand for asset maintenance and renewal. Councils, local government, and corporations must relentlessly struggle to balance budgetary constraints against the pressing need for ongoing capital investment.

Abergeldie’s Strategic Business Unit is dedicated to restoring and increasing the longevity of ageing infrastructures on a national and international level. Our commitment to environmental sustainability also means we possess the fundamental knowledge to decelerate or halt many of the chemical or environmental ageing processes that affect older or erroneously engineered newer constructions.

Abergeldie engineers can be relied on to consistently complete all projects on time and on budget. We have regularly been engaged as a Head Contractor to undertake small-scaled projects such as brickwork on older bridges, pipe renewal, and pipe lining for wastewater drainage and potable water supply, as well as large-scale projects which include comprehensive dam remediation work together with all roadworks, rock protection, and landscaping. Through this experience, Abergeldie has gained a vast understanding of landscapes which need extreme care including indigenous, latent, and heritage conditions and environments.

Abergeldie is also able to pay an important advisory role in your remediation project; we are very proud of our accomplishments and familiarity with all aspects of infrastructure remediation, cutting-edge technologies and sustainable civil engineering solutions and materials.