Abergeldie was engaged as head contractor for design, construction, testing and commissioning of a new Ultra Violet disinfection system to upgrade processing capacity and output quality at the existing Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, to comply with an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) pollution reduction program (PRP).

Works were carried out under brownfield conditions, with the construction area very close to existing, continuously operating process equipment and a large number of buried and above-ground service lines. Close coordination was required with Hunter Water Corporation’s on-site plant operations agents, Veolia, to ensure that there was no disruption to normal plant process operations. For some elements, this required design and installation of temporary flow diversions.

The site borders an environmentally sensitive beachfront nature reserve, on sandy soil among coastal dunes. Over an extended period, fill had been placed above the sandy base to create a level, raised plateau on which most of the plant was built. Very deep excavation was required into this soft and relatively unstable soil, with carefully designed and placed sheet piling to position the base of the new UV structure low enough to provide a hydraulic profile for gravity flow through the system.

Business unit:



Hunter Water Corporation

Current status:


Start date:

September 2015

Completion period:

February 2017

Contract type:



$10.34 million