Abergeldie was engaged to carry out structural repairs to a rail bridge over a main road. Scope included installation of a new expansion joint in the bridge span, partial demolition and reconstruction of concrete fender walls and installation of new bridge bearings. To access the bearings, the entire bridge span was hydraulically jacked and temporarily supported. Once the span had been jacked up to reveal the underlying structural surfaces, a detailed condition assessment was made to determine the most appropriate remediation methodologies and products. All on-site works were scheduled during a single weekend rail possession period, with crews working 12 hour shifts around the clock. Works were programmed on an hour by hour basis to take maximum advantage of the available rail shut down time, to ensure hand-back on-time and to minimise the period of closure the road under the bridge.

Business unit:



Sydney Trains

Current status:


Start date:

July 2017

Completion period:

July 2017

Contract type:

Master Services Agreement for civil construction and geotechnical services in the rail corridor