The Auburn Maintenance Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year for the on-going maintenance for Sydney Trains along with driver training and fleet modifications. An integral asset of Sydney Trains’ rail operations, the upgraded maintenance centre caters to the new fleet of Waratah Trains allowing for either two four car trains or one eight car train and enables use of the road for both maintenance and shunting.

Project Overview

Abergeldie was engaged by Downer EDI on behalf of Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to upgrade the existing “Zero Road” facilities of Auburn Maintenance Centre. Abergeldie delivered heavy civil, building services, rail, drainage remediation, HV services and retractable OHW works.

Scope of works:

  • Civil / Structural / Trackwork
  • Installation of 280m new electrified track including new turnout
  • Supply and installation of Contact Catenary and Retractable High Voltage Overhead Wiring and Structures
  • Services relocation works
  • Building and Yard services installation (LV Lighting, CCTV, water, sewer)
  • Construction of new Machine Interface and Fortress interlocking arrangements
  • Earthworks and ATLANTIS cell remediation works
  • Concrete and general ground works
  • Signalling construction, integration and Testing & Commissioning Works
  • Depot Personnel Protection Systems
  • Installation of catwalks and associated steel works/platforms
  • Installation of new gantry cranes
  • Installation of automatic louvres
  • Reticulation of VESDA fire detection systems

Flexible Staged Programme

Train maintenance operations and movement of train sets remained active during construction. Abergeldie and Downer collaborated to develop a flexible staging programme in the event of last-minute operational changes and always practiced open-communication approach with train staff to ensure prompt communication regarding any changes.

Trackwork, Signalling and Overhead Wiring

To provide access to maintenance road “Zero” from the West, Abergeldie supplied and installed a 1 in 9 turnout and approximately 280m of new AS60kg track. Abergeldie was responsible for all resurfacing and shunt testing arrangements. Overhead wiring and signalling construction, testing and commissioning occurred in a staged arrangement over two possessions and included the supply and installation of approximately 500m of system 9 overhead wiring, the installation of two shunt signals one route indicator and the provision of electrical interfaces between the signalling interlocking and depot protection systems.

Final commissioning activities required all interfacing systems to be completely functional before 1500V service could be provided to the maintenance shed as the various interlocking arrangements function as safety devices that prevent operations’ personnel from affecting unsafe combinations of the various subsystems.

Environmental Management

The Auburn Maintenance Centre is directly adjacent to Duck River, which drains into the upper reaches of Sydney Harbour. On Abergeldie’s initiative, an innovative drainage water retention system was installed, incorporating lined earth bunding to settle-out sediment from run-off reducing the overall volume of water discharged and, as a result, managing the risk of cross-site contamination.


Business unit:

Rail & Transport


Downer EDI

Current status: