Product Description:

The Tiger Patch liner is a no-dig repair method for localised defects in pipelines. It is suitable for most repairs of cracked, broken or dislocated storm water and sewer pipelines.

Repair is undertaken following CCTV survey to determine the suitability and preparatory requirements of the host pipe (e.g. cleaning needed, tree roots, sharp edges that need to be removed) and to determine the precise position for placement of the patch over the identified defect.


After CCTV inspection and preparatory work is complete, a fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) patch is wound around an inflatable rubber sleeve. Using a winch mounted on one of Abergeldie Watertech’s specialised vehicles, the patching sleeve is moved into the repair position. Positioning is monitored by CCTV for accuracy. Once in position, the sleeve is inflated with low pressure and held in place until curing of the patch is complete. The result is a patch that adheres tightly to the damaged point, enabling it to be both reinforced and effectively sealed. The Tiger Patch repair system can be undertaken during live conditions at times when flows are low.

Sizes and Materials

Tiger Patch can be used on pipes from 100mm to 1,000mm in diameter. The system is designed for spot repairs 400mm to 1200mm long (per patch) and patches can be overlapped to achieve longer repairs.

The materials used for the Tiger Patch are primarily, hardening and accelerating agents applied to glass fibre, all of which have been developed specifically for this purpose.