Product Description:

Suitable for circular non-pressure pipes suffering from deformations, crack, water infiltration and root intrusion, the Quick Lock system restores leaking or cracked pipes to original condition using a localised mechanical pipe repair technique.


The Quick Lock patch, comprising a stainless steel ring with a rubber gasket, is coiled around an inflatable packer on an installation trolley. Under CCTV monitoring for accuracy, the packer is winched to the repair location, where the packer is inflated, expanding the Quick Lock patch until it is pressed tightly against the existing pipe. The packer is then deflated and pulled back on the trolley. CCTV inspection confirms the repair is effective.

Sizes and Materials

The Quick Lock patch is available in diameters ranging from150mm to 700mm and is made from a high grade stainless sleeve with an external EDPM rubber sealing gasket.