Product Description

Abergeldie’s Intruder is a low speed, high torque impact cutter designed for more severe pipe blockages. Pipes blocked
by tuberculation, mineral deposits or concrete often require replacement, however the Intruder Hydro-Torque cutter provides
a more cost effective, less disruptive alternative.

Abergeldie’s Intruder machine is the most capable on the market
due to its patented ‘Hydro-Torque’ impact drill motor. The machine
is powered from a standard jetter. The cutter’s impact drill
motor runs at low speed, but provides high torque. The constant water pressure ensures the drilling head does not stop when it meets obstacles. Low pressure vents direct spent water out the front, lubricating and cooling the cutting wheels, and out the sides and rear, removing debris. Typical working specifications are impacts of approximately 1000 blows per minute at 200 rpm. This action is completely water powered which enables the drilling head to keep moving forward when it comes into contact with obstacles.

For pipes obstructed by hardened concrete, stubborn chemical or mineral deposits or protruding taps or root growth, the Intruder is the most effective alternative.