Product Description:

Abergeldie Watertech offers the AMEX10 seal as a leading system for economical repair of man-entry-sized pipes where pipe joints have failed or for circumferential cracks. It comprises a circular, flexible rubber seal with patented sealing lips, held in place with stainless steel retaining bands.

The AMEX10 seal works by positioning a rubber seal over the affected joint area. Steel retaining bands are then placed into the locating grooves on the surface of the seal. A hydraulic device expands the bands and applies a radial load, which pushes the patented-designed seal firmly against the inside diameter of the pipe.

AMEX10 seals can be installed in most types of man-entry-sized pipes, including steel, cast iron, ductile iron and reinforced concrete. Installation for end seals in pipes from 300mm to 900mm is possible, as well as for man-entry sizes from 900mm to 6000mm in diameter. The seals are flexible and can withstand pipe movement resulting from thermal expansions, contractions, vibrations and ground shifts. The seals can handle operating pressure in excess of 2MPa and head pressure in excess of 30M.