Product Description:

Abergeldie Spray Lining is an exciting new lining system introduced early in 2015 for the renewal of potable water mains.

Spray Lining uses a trenchless spin cast application method to apply a specially formulated material to form a liner within the host pipe. The material used is ScotchkoteTM 2400, developed and manufactured by 3M. ScotchkoteTM 2400 is AS4020 certified and is designed to solve a wide variety of issues common to potable water supply networks. It has a design life of up to 50 years and can be applied at various thicknesses specific to the application.

The benefits of the Spray Lining system include:

  • Small site footprint with minimal excavation and quick turnaround time:
  • Excavation on service connections not required;
  • Cost effective;
  • Suitable for tailored asset management strategies
  • Customised design life up to 50 years;
  • Suitable for circular pressure pipes ranging from 100mm to 900mm.


Following assessment, design and planning, the host pipe is cleaned to remove any accumulated silt and debris, such as loose cement lining and other inclusions. A variety of cleaning methods can be used depending on the state and condition of the host pipe. CCTV is used to inspect the host pipe to confirm that the pipe is clean and prior to lining using CCTV equipment is used to confirm that the pipe is clean and suitable for lining.

The lining process involves pulling the spray head from the launch pit back towards the spray rig in a tightly controlled manner to ensure a consistent thickness of liner is applied along the whole length of the host pipe. Proprietary software and hardware systems monitor and control the installation process with critical parameters measured and recorded every 6 seconds.

ScotchkoteTM 2400 is rapid setting and can be inspected within 10 minutes of installation. Immediately following lining, inspection and commissioning processes are undertaken and the main can then be returned to service.

The small footprint and less disruptive nature of the spray lining process provide significant benefits to asset owners managing water supply networks.

Sizes and Materials

Abergeldie Watertech’s Spray Lining can be used in water mains from 100mm to 610mm in diameter and is suitable for most pipe materials. It can be applied directly to cement- lined pipes without the need to remove the existing cement lining.