To seal branch connections, Abergeldie Watertech offers two systems, Tiger T and Top Hat. Both systems seal and repair pipe branch connections (100mm +) up to and including the first joint.


The Tiger T or Top Hat patch is first impregnated with resin and then placed over a purpose built installation packer. The junction seal is then moved into the host pipe and positioned at the location of the connection using a small CCTV to monitor accuracy. The installation packer is then inflated using air pressure to position the seal into the branch connection. The Tiger T or Top Hat is held in this position until the resin has hardened, after which the packer is deflated, the junction seal inspected and the apparatus retrieved.


Tiger T is available to suit pipe diameters 150mm, 225mm and 300mm.

Top Hat seals are available to suit diameters 375mm to 750mm.


A fibrous material sheet or tube is manufactured into the shape of each size of Tiger T or Top Hat. The patch material is impregnated with a silicate resin using tightly controlled and documented procedures.