Abergeldie were engaged to construct a weir and associated works in the Logan River, to replace the existing weir that had been damaged by floods. The works included a temporary water flow diversion, retaining walls, structural concrete, steelwork and pipe work, erosion protection and installation of rock anchors.

Complex Challenges:

Access to the site was available from only one side of the river, requiring a temporary access road to be built across the water course to facilitate works from both sides. Temporary weir and earthworks were built to divert the water flow away from the works site. Safety and environmental management were primary issues in planning the project.

Contingency plans were prepared to address the possibility of flooding during any significant rain event, with a view to minimising the risk to personnel and possible damage and delay to the works. As the weir is an integral element of the local fresh water supply, a “no compromise” approach was taken to environmental controls to prevent contamination.

Business unit:



Beaudesert Shire Council

Current status:


Start date:

July 2006

Completion period:

April 2007

Contract type:

Lump sum


$3 million