Thrust Block Remediation

Partial demolition and re-instatement of three large concrete thrust blocks, including removal and re-installation of services. The thrust blocks form part of the hydro power station, located in the base of the Googong Dam wall.

Complex Challenges:

The project involved removing a large amount of defective concrete from the top and sides of the main outlet thrust blocks from the dam. The proximity of live water mains demanded that the demolition work be carried out with care and delicacy, with continuous vibration monitoring to ensure that no damage was caused to the cement lining of the existing pipework. Initially, all concrete demolition was carried out by hand due to limited space and restricted access into the chamber. This restriction was overcome by lifting a small excavator and hammer into the chamber to accelerate the process.

Business unit:



ActewAGL Distribution

Current status:


Start date:

January 2011

Completion period:

May 2011

Contract type:

Lump sum