Pipelines, sewer and water mains

Abergeldie’s pipeline, sewer and water mains design and construction capabilities have been demonstrated on projects in most areas of eastern Australia over the past 24 years. Our expertise covers the full range of pipeline construction methodologies, including above-ground, open trench cut and cover, pipe-jacking, HDD and microtunnelling for potable water, sewage, wastewater, drainage, petrochemicals and service water for industrial applications.

Many pipeline projects need to be delivered under brownfield conditions, requiring careful management of interfaces between the new and existing pipe networks. Close coordination between the design and construction team and the owners and operators of existing facilities is essential to the success of such projects. Our specialist pipeline teams work closely with our clients, and with our in-house water processing, pump station, civil construct and building specialists to ensure that new pipeline connections are cut into existing networks with the absolute minimum of disruption.

Recently completed pipeline, sewer and drainage projects have included: relocation of stormwater, potable water and sewer mains beneath the streets of Newcastle’s CBD and beach-side suburbs to enable realignment of roads to create a road racing circuit for an annual Supercars event; construction of more than 13 km of open trench and microtunnelling for new pressure mains delivering potable water to a residential substation; major extensions to rising and pressure mains for sewage to increase capacity for growing industrial and residential areas in western Sydney; a HDD pass for a pressure main beneath the M4 motorway: and pipe jacking and open trench construction of large diameter trunk sewer mains over significant distances in Melbourne and Brisbane, including a pass through extremely hard Brisbane tuff rock beneath the Brisbane River. We are currently engaged on design and construction of a 17.2km, large diameter pipeline, combining above ground and pipe-jacked underground sections to supply service water to a power station in regional NSW.With expertise in sewer and drainage works, stormwater solutions, aqueducts, encasements and earthworks, Abergeldie offers a complete package for your water drainage requirements. Click on the projects below to look at just some of our successfully completed projects.