Project Description:

In June, 2012, Abergeldie Watertech successfully rehabilitated an important section of Australia’s historical drainage system in inner city Sydney – the Bennelong stormwater channel – which was the first oviform combined sewer/stormwater system constructed in Sydney in 1857.

Around 154 metres of a massive 1830 mm diameter x 1220 mm diameter heritage listed oviform stormwater channel was rehabilitated for Sydney Water. The pipe was relined in two inversions using CIPP installation. The access chambers had to be specially constructed for this installation, located in the middle of Sydney CBD bus lanes, near bustling Circular Quay.

The liner was installed from an access chamber in Phillip Street which is in the middle of Sydney’s Central Business District. The site was surrounded by major businesses, and a 5 star hotel, the InterContinental, as well as being in the middle of a major bus route in downtown Sydney.

This is the largest diameter CIPP lining installation ever conducted in Australia and one of the largest oviform inversions worldwide. It was an extremely difficult and labour intensive installation due to the sheer size and thickness (35mm) of the liner.

Complex Challenges:

The challenges associated with this project were its close proximity to residents, hotels, bus routes, tourists and businesses. The proximity to Sydney’s popular tourist location Circular Quay. The physical size of the liner to be installed and the fact that the asset was Heritiage listed.