Albury Major Sewer Trunk Mains Rehabilitation (SWP DiaFit)

Project Description:

This project, for Albury City Council, was undertaken to rehabilitate two major sewer trunk mains, one beginning in the suburbs leading to the north of the city and the other starting from east of the Hume Freeway and heading to a pumping station in the centre of the city.

The smaller (diameter) of the two pipes was constructed around 100 years ago and was suffering from gas degradation ranging from severe surface wear to complete loss of structural integrity. The larger diameter main is approximately 40 years old and also showed signs of loss of structural integrity due to gas degradation.

Abergeldie Watertech’s SWP DiaFit lining system (an expanding spiral liner) was deemed the most appropriate solution for this project.

Complex Challenges:

Almost 5 kms of sewer in Albury, including sections under the Hume Freeway and the Sydney to Melbourne railway line were rehabilitated. Sewer diameters ranged from 300 – 600mm, with the longest section being 180m of 600mm diameter pipe. A number of different spiral lining profiles were used to meet all design requirements.

Over 4 km of the sewer mains were located in the middle of the main road in Albury’s CBD, this meant that most the work as conducted at night to alleviate traffic disruptions. Weather was another hurdle on this project with Albury recording some of the heaviest winter rainfall ever experienced in the city.

Despite these constraints, the project was completed in a timely manner with an extremely happy client.

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