Pipe Spot Repair Systems

Abergeldie has a number of solutions for no-dig, localised pipe spot repairs in pipelines
or repairs to dislocated sewer and stormwater pipelines.

Tiger Patch is suitable for most pipe repairs or cracked, dislocated pipes of 100mm – 1000mm
in diameter, while Quick Lock provides localised pipe repair for all circular non-pressure pipes
of 150mm – 700mm in diameter.

For repairing damage or infiltration in cases where only the joints have failed or circumferential
cracks are present, the AMEX 10 Seal is the leading repair system for pipes of 500mm – 6m
in diameter. Pipe repair and pipe spot repair projects undertaken by the Abergeldie team include
the following capabilities:

  • Spot repairs
  • Repair of dislocated sewer and stormwater pipelines
  • Repair of cracked pipes
  • Repair of damage or infiltration
  • Water infiltration pipe repair
  • Root intrusion pipe repair
  • Major pipe blockages.

Examples of Abergeldie’s pipe repair methods can be viewed below.