Network Rehabilitation and Renewal Solutions

Abergeldie provides expertise and experience in rehabilitating network assets with a full suite of state-of-the-art trenchless technologies for network owners.

In 2014, the highly respected and awarded company Kembla Watertech joined Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, bringing its vast experience gained over the last 21 years, its unique technologies and its skilled personnel to the team.

A full suite of network rehabilitation technologies, including all major categories of pipeline relining services, trenchless spot repairs, structural repairs, coatings, robotic cameras and cutters, are provided to major water authorities across Australia and overseas. The Abergeldie team has undertaken a number of pipe renewal projects across Australia, with past projects and capabilities including:

  • Fold and form lining technology (EX Method)
  • Spiral Ribbed Pipe (SRP)
  • SRP Slip lining (SL) fixed diameter spiral lining
  • CIPP Lining Steam, Water and UV cured.
  • GRP and PE Slip lining/jacking
  • Pipeline spot repairs
  • Pipe connection repairs
  • Dislocated sewer and stormwater pipelines repair
  • CCTV pipeline inspection and laser profile reporting
  • Pipe blockages

Examples of some of our successfully completed pipe renewal and pipe relining projects can be viewed below.