Pipe Relining Systems

Abergeldie’s pipe relining services have been built on over the years, starting with the solid foundation of our original Ex Method lining technology.

Each year the company invests in international and local trenchless solutions to benefit our clients and local markets. In the past few years Abergeldie
has launched Spiral Ribbed Pipe (SRP), SRP GRP placement and jacking, and UV cured CIPP lining (Enviroliner) to our portfolio of products.

Whilst implementing new technology is an exciting field, we continue to routinely install our flagship pipe relining technology, Ex Method, a Fold and Form
lining system that tightly moulds to the host pipe internals. Since installing its first line on 2nd June 1993, we have returned to CCTV line at its 5 year, 10 year,
15 year, 20 year, and 25 year anniversary. The line continues to effectively operate and service the wastewater system after 25 years.  Pipe relining and pipe
renewal methods used by Abergeldie can be seen below.