Pipe Connection Repair Systems

In instances where a defective pipe connection is identified as the cause of leakage, infiltration or tree root ingress, Abergeldie offers Flexiliner, Tiger T and Top Hat systems for pipe connection repair.

Flexiliner (between 100 – 150mm) is an ideal product to repair house service lines connecting into sewer reticulation systems, and maintenance of private and commercial businesses connected to sewer reticulation. Flexiliner is a trenchless lining system that installs a structural liner through the entire length of the existing pipe.

Both the Tiger T and Top Hat systems work to repair and seal branch connections (100mm +) up to and including the first joint. The Tiger T or Top Hat patch is filled with resin before being placed over an installation packer, the junction seal positioned into the host pipe at the location of the connection, and the installation packer inflated to position the seal until the resin hardens.Further information on the Flexiliner, Tiger T and Top Hat methods can be found below.