Petrochemical Infrastructure

Petrochemical infrastructure plays a vital role in our nation’s economy.

Abergeldie has the technical expertise, experienced personnel, management techniques and latest equipment needed for all stages of process plant development for the fuel and petrochemical materials handling industries. This includes the detailed design, procurement and installation of processes for the supply and distribution of products for the oil industry.

Abergeldie has helped with several petrochemical engineering projects, including construction of the Wagga Wagga Oil Refinery, as well as various upgrades at Clyde and Shell refineries. Our team has also assisted in constructing a number of plants across Eastern Australia.Petrochemical infrastructure projects we have undertaken have required construction of foundations, footings, service roads and connections, refinery upgrades and renovations, excavations, and demolitions.

To see our team’s capabilities in petrochemical infrastructure, take a look at some of our latest projects below.