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Posted by: Mina Westby April 11, 2018


Harker Underground Limited www.harker.co.nz was established in 1988 and was one of New Zealand’s most respected tunnelling and micro-tunnelling companies.

Mike Harker, the son of Harker Underground founder Graeme Harker, and Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure www.abergeldie.com jointly purchased the equipment and business of Harker Underground Construction Limited and renamed it Abergeldie Harker Limited, commencing operations on 01 March 2017.

Abergeldie Harker has recently been shortlisted in JV with Ghella by the Auckland water authority Watercare, to tender the $NZ1.2 billion Central Interceptor project (https://www.watercare.co.nz/About-us/News-media/Large-wastewater-project-counting-down-to-start-da)

In order to provide the commercial strength required to deliver a project such as Central Interceptor, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure and Mike Harker have come to an agreement to restructure the business and make Abergeldie Harker a wholly owned subsidiary of Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure. Mike Harker’s share ownership of Abergeldie Harker has been transferred to an equivalent share ownership of the parent company, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure.

As well adding to the commercial capability of Abergeldie Harker, this will allow expansion of its technical capability from shaft and tunnel construction and ensure it brings to the New Zealand market some of the niche capabilities that Abergeldie has developed such as shaft sinking by blind boring, pipe relining, excavation by blasting as well as our capabilities in the water and rail sectors.
Matt Mules, Harker National Manager, remains General Manager of Abergeldie Harker.

Abergeldie Harker is now even better placed to grow and has the people, experience, systems and financial resources in place to become a significant player delivering complex infrastructure to water, wastewater, stormwater and rail asset owners across NZ.

Press Release enquiries please contact Matt Mules on +64 274455635.

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Posted by: Mina Westby

Since Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure appointed Greg Taylor as CEO in 2015 with a mandate to grow the business in Australia, it has expanded into Victoria and grown annual turnover nearly threefold. This has been overwhelmingly positive for Abergeldie.

Water projects now represent over 50% of the work Abergeldie delivers including its largest ever job, an $A80 million water treatment plant at the Springvale Mine at Lithgow, NSW. Abergeldie Watertech has continued to grow and is successfully delivering an innovative, world first process for relining brick sewers in Melbourne. A multiyear program similar to that Abergeldie is currently undertaking for Sydney Water is being tendered with Melbourne Water. Further opportunities are developing with water infrastructure authorities such as Queensland Urban Utilities and Hunter Water who are planning to go to market with their multiyear programs shortly.

Quality work by our rail division has meant Abergeldie has become a respected contractor with delivery capability, laying track and upgrading stations in NSW and QLD. Abergeldie is also recognised as the major utility tunnel company in Eastern Australia currently delivering significant projects in Brisbane and Melbourne and preparing to deliver two tunnel projects in Sydney. Our infrastructure teams continue to deliver complex jobs in a professional manner.

Abergeldie has enhanced its commercial advantage through the full acquisition of a steel fabrications business now called Abergeldie Steel Fabrications. In addition Abergeldie has developed strong relationships with our joint venture (JV) partners Obayashi (Japan), Ghella (Italy) and Australian diversified engineering company RCR expanding our capabilities and project opportunities.

International expansion has included the full acquisition of Abergeldie Harker in New Zealand recently shortlisted in JV with Ghella by the Auckland water authority Watercare, to tender the $NZ1.2 billion Central Interceptor project (https://www.watercare.co.nz/About-us/News-media/Large-wastewater-project-counting-down-to-start-da) and the establishment of Abergeldie Northern Ireland, currently undertaking the $A13 million restoration of historic, listed building, Killeavy Castle and the building of an adjoining 45 room boutique hotel. (www.killeavycastle.com).

In recognition of all of this the Abergeldie board has decided to restructure Abergeldie again so that the opportunities that are presenting themselves can be pursued and the growth managed to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Mick Boyle will return to the Managing Director role, with overall responsibility for the financial performance of the whole business in Australia, New Zealand and Northern Ireland.

Greg Taylor will become the Abergeldie Water Executive Officer in Australia and report to Mick. The Water Division, incorporating Abergeldie Watertech is currently 50% of annual Abergeldie turnover but, more importantly, it has the opportunity to more than double its current size in the next two years.

“What has been achieved by Abergeldie over the last two years has been truly remarkable. The growth and expansion has been very pleasing. This restructure will allow Greg and me to focus on the opportunities and challenges in the current market and develop the Executive Team at Abergeldie to ensure that we continue to deliver projects the Abergeldie Way – delivering complex projects safely, on time, and to a high quality.” Mick Boyle said.

Mick Boyle went on to say “Abergeldie is poised to become Australia’s premier locally owned construction company. No other company shares our range of capabilities, our culture and can match the quality of our personnel. It is exciting times ahead at Abergeldie.”

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