CEO Sleepout 2020 Donate Now

CEO Sleepout 2020

Posted by: mwestby June 17, 2020

CEO Sleepout 18 June 2020 DONATE HERE Just one more sleep until Abergeldie Founder and Managing Director, Michael “Mick” Boyle will once again participate in the CEO Sleepout by spending one eye-opening night sleeping out to help break the cycle of homelessness in Australia. This will be the ninth-year Mick is participating in the charitable cause, dating back to 2009. Each year, hundreds of thousand Australians experience homelessness, many of whom are considered the ‘hidden homeless’ who aren’t necessarily sleeping on the street but are getting by any way they can by squatting, sleeping on friends’ sofas or other temporary…

National Reconciliation Week Cover

Abergeldie’s Reconciliation Journey

Posted by: mwestby June 9, 2020

Last week, 3 June 2020, marked the conclusion of this year’s National Reconciliation Week. This date is a landmark date commemorating 20th anniversary for when people all over Australia walked across bridges and roads in solidarity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year, Abergeldie officially started its reconciliation journey by lodging our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with Reconciliation Australia. The Reflect RAP is the first step in the journey towards reconciliation where the organisation makes a commitment to work towards a better, more reconciled Australia acknowledging all Australians. This week, we had the pleasure of introducing our staff…

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Water Capabilities

Posted by: mwestby May 28, 2020

Abergeldie has 25 years’ industry experience and is a leading civil engineering contractor in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1994, Abergeldie’s experience extends to planning, design, delivery and maintenance of an extensive range of infrastructure services. AERIATION AND DEWATERING Proven design and installation expertise and strong relationships with our suppliers allows procurement of the latest aeration and dewatering equipment such as filters, membranes, sludge dewatering systems, centrifuges, grit traps, conveyors and belt filter presses. We also design and supply screening and grit dewatering facilities. Our process team has over 25 years of experience in providing practical water treatment solutions…

National Reconciliation Week Banner

National Reconciliation Week

Posted by: mwestby May 25, 2020

National Reconciliation Week 2020 – In This Together National Reconciliation Week is held between May 27 and June 3 each year. This year, Reconciliation Australia marks 20 years of shaping Australia’s journey towards a more just, equitable and reconciled nation. National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and to contribute to building a more reconciled Australia. 2020 also marks the 20th anniversary of the reconciliation walks of 2000, when Australians gathered to walk on bridges and roads across the nation to show their support including over 300,000 across Sydney…

Robin and her family attend charity run to build better communities

Mother’s Day 2020 Special Feature

Posted by: mwestby May 9, 2020

This year, Mother’s Day will feel a little different for many. The last couple of months may have proven difficult for those who have been unable to visit their families. This post is dedicated to all Abergeldie sons, daughters and mothers who may have been affected by the current climate and the restrictions in place. We thought that this day would be a great opportunity to speak with Robin Craig, co-founder and CSR Advisor at Abergeldie. Robin and her husband, Mick Boyle founded Abergeldie over 25 years’ ago and have seen the company grow into what it is today. They…