Tunnels, Pipe Jacking & Ventilation Shafts

Abergeldie is a world leader in both tunnel construction and mine shaft engineering.

Abergeldie owns and operates a large road header, both AVN and EPBM pipe-jacking rigs for trenchless construction of tunnels, and four of the world’s largest blind bore shaft drilling rigs.

The pipe jacking procedure enables tunnels to be drilled and hydrostatically lined with low risk of surface ground movement and minimal disruption to the surrounding community. For construction of underground pipelines, cable tunnels, ducts and culverts and for tunnelling under waterways, under roads or through difficult ground conditions, pipe jacking provides a safe, efficient, non-disruptive solution.

For the mining industry, Abergeldie’s blind bore drilling rigs provide a fast, safe and reliable method for sinking and lining of large or small diameter, shallow or deep shafts for access, ventilation shafts and foundations. Using the largest of our blind boring rigs, Abergeldie has drilled and hydrostatically lined vertical shafts up to 6m in diameter to a world record depth of over 560m.

Our capabilities also include drill and blast, directional, drilling, pipe ramming, moling, horizontal auger boring, mine grouting and assessment, and design and installation of steel and concrete head frames. Remediation and stabilisation services are also available.

Abergeldie is the proud holder of a mining Health, Environment and Safety Champion Award Our strict adherence to safety legislation and guidelines for the protection of your mineworkers and our mining engineers recognises and addresses logistics within a restricted space, breathable air and toxic gas levels, groundwater drainage and mine support, stabilisation and reinforcement. We are fully certified to carry out all large-scale mining engineering works throughout Australia.