Wharf Design, Construction and Engineering, Marine Engineering & Infrastructure

Abergeldie has extensive experience across all aspects of marine infrastructure, including cables, platforms, structures, jetty upgrades, marinas, bulk ship loading facilities, sea walls, boardwalks and more.

Over the past twenty-four years, Abergeldie have successfully delivered wharf construction projects across coastal regions of Australia. Refurbishment is often necessary due to corrosion below tide level, creating a huge challenge for logistics and complex safety issues to which we have applied our expertise. Whether it is the construction of watertight retaining caissons or deployment of jack-up barges as work platforms for construction equipment, our experience in wharf engineering and marine infrastructure projects has ensured quality work.

Abergeldie has worked extensively in the fields of embankment stabilisation and sea wall construction, both above and below sea level. Designing and installing new, modern jetties and wharves, drilling seabed foundations and placing rock anchors to withstand the potentially devastating coastal elements, our team of marine engineers coordinate all works to keep disruption to a minimum. We are able to work with you from your project’s design to its completion to deliver innovative solutions that respect your timescales and budgets.