Abergeldie is committed to eliminating all work related injuries and illnesses.

Abergeldie’s Occupational Health and Safety System is Third Party Certified to ISO 45001 and accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner.

Abergeldie will take all reasonable care to provide and maintain for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

In particular, Abergeldie will attend to the following:

  • Assess risks and plan work activities to eliminate or control foreseeable hazards of risks.
  • Comply with relevant OHS, workplace injury management and workers compensation legislation and regulations.
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets for continual improvement.
  • Consult with employees and disseminate OHS information.
  • Maintain the workplace in safe condition.
  • Maintain construction plant in a safe condition.
  • Issue a Safety & Environmental Handbook to all employees.
  • Provide appropriate instruction and training for employees.
  • Provide adequate facilities for employees at the workplace.