Abergeldie embraces diversity and is committed to providing an inclusive workplace and culture that provides support for: indigenous education and employment; broad based equal opportunity programs; multicultural awareness and representation; and a focus on women in management.

Abergeldie believes that an improved culture through greater diversity leads to increased company performance.

Methods for achieving Equal Opportunity and Diversity include:

  • Hiring, developing, motivating and retaining individuals based upon their job related qualifications, ability and performance.
  • Ensuring that no person or group of people will be treated less favourable than another.
  • Decisions regarding recruitment, promotion, transfers, training and development shall be based upon merit.
  • All employees will be treated equally according to their skills, qualifications, competencies and potential.
  • Provision of issue resolution in accordance with Abergeldie’s HR procedures.
  • Regularly reviewing pay equity to address any gender gaps.
  • Increasing the number of women being developed for and performing management roles.
  • Creating and extending opportunities for Indigenous people and enterprises.

Abergeldie believes everyone is entitled to work in an environment where they are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Abergeldie management shall remain directly responsible and accountable for the implementation of this policy and to provide adequate resources to assist the company in meeting commitments.

This policy statement applies to all Abergeldie workplaces and will be regularly reviewed in light of developments, including changes to legislation, our understanding of best practice, and the organizational structure of Abergeldie.