Electrical Infrastructure Experience

In this day and age, no home or business is complete without sufficient electricity. Electrical infrastructure helps communities stay connected and go about their daily lives. Abergeldie has assisted in ensuring communities across Australia have the connections they need to thrive, with several large-scale projects to our name.

Our team has been helping to connect communities with electrical and communication infrastructure rollouts throughout eastern Australia since 1994, with projects ranging from small transformers and substation upgrades to major substation installations, security upgrades, pipe-jacked tunnels and footing designs.

The Abergeldie team has helped build various substations across the eastern sea board, including Glenfield and Potts Hill, Sydney, NSW, and Tomaree, in Newcastle, NSW.Although it is common for Abergeldie to assist in large scale electrical infrastructure projects, we are also available for smaller contracts to ensure everyone, Australia-wide, is connected.

Abergeldie’s electrical infrastructure projects to date have included establishing a number of substations throughout Australia, including install protection, SCADA, communication and control systems, installation of distribution cables, civil works, building erection, site draining sewerage, fending and roadworks.

The location of some of the substations also necessitated complex traffic management in consultation with stakeholders and relevant authorities.

To see our capabilities, take a look at some of our latest electrical infrastructure projects below.