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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Scope included slope stabilising with rock anchors and shotcrete. The project required an access road to be built in a precarious location on a mid-level bench above the river and below the lookout to the dam.

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Investigation works were carried out at three points in the dam’s 200mm thick concrete spillway. The works involved cutting a 700mm x 700mm square out of the face of the dam, excavating down to expose and inspect the anchor bars below. Each investigation point had to be opened and reinstated in one shift. The client was able to then gather important data required for future maintenance of dam which is the main water supply for Noosa Shire Council.

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Winner – Category 2, NSW CCF Earth Awards 2013 The Burrinjuck Dam Access Upgrade project had its fair share of complex challenges. Burrinjuck Dam is a historic State Water asset. Construction of the dam started in 1909 and took over twenty years to complete. It is located 34 km south west of Yass, NSW over the Murrumbidgee River. During its construction a cableway was erected across the spillway face to ferry personnel and materials across the gorge. For many years the cableway, fitted with a lifting hook and man box was the sole method of haulage for materials…

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Spillway and Embankment Grahamstown Dam is the major water storage reservoir of the Hunter Water Corporation, supplying the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions. To increase storage, improve water level control systems and boost flood discharge capacity, Abergeldie were contracted to construct a new control structure, a zig zag concrete spillway and major new earth embankment. Complex Challenges: An adjustable steel formwork system was developed for the construction of the labyrinth spillway to achieve a tolerance on the weir crest of -0+2mm. An original requirement for the staging of works was the completion of the control structure and a…

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Abergeldie completed works immediately below the spillways of Queensland’s Wivenhoe, Somerset and Borumba Dams to repair damage caused by overtopping and emergency releases during the 2011 and 2013 floods. At Wivenhoe dam, most of the repair works were to the recreational area on the southern embankment of the river below the dam wall. Roads were rebuilt, pavements stabilised, new canoe access tracks created and extensive earthworks carried out to stabilise and re-profile the river embankments. At Somerset Dam, extensive remediation works were carried out to the severely eroded right bank of the Stanley River. Abergeldie installed a new…

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Abergeldie were engaged to construct a weir and associated works in the Logan River, to replace the existing weir that had been damaged by floods. The works included a temporary water flow diversion, retaining walls, structural concrete, steelwork and pipe work, erosion protection and installation of rock anchors. Complex Challenges: Access to the site was available from only one side of the river, requiring a temporary access road to be built across the water course to facilitate works from both sides. Temporary weir and earthworks were built to divert the water flow away from the works site. Safety…

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Abergeldie were engaged to carry out remedial work to increase the structural safety of the more than 80 year old Chichester Dam, while maintaining its storage and operational capacity. Works included: Raising the height of the left parapet wall Drilling a network of pressure relieving drainage holes Reconfiguring the right parapet to divert water flows Associated minor works

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Thrust Block Remediation Partial demolition and re-instatement of three large concrete thrust blocks, including removal and re-installation of services. The thrust blocks form part of the hydro power station, located in the base of the Googong Dam wall. Complex Challenges: The project involved removing a large amount of defective concrete from the top and sides of the main outlet thrust blocks from the dam. The proximity of live water mains demanded that the demolition work be carried out with care and delicacy, with continuous vibration monitoring to ensure that no damage was caused to the cement lining of…

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Project Description: Construction and commissioning of a 3 Megalitre reservoir pump station and 400m long rising main, including conduit runs, electrical installation and hypochlorite dosing facility. Associated civil works included construction of an access road and various concrete works including a valve pit and retaining walls. Then commission and cut into existing mains. Complex Challenges: The construction site was extremely steep, with restricted access for construction equipment and very limited space for fabrication, assembly or storage of construction components. The reservoir was constructed using steel plates, fabricated in an off-site workshop to the correct size and shape. The plates were…

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Project Description: Auxiliary Spillway Excavation of rock for the contouring of the spillway inlet chute.