Dam Construction Experience

Dams are an essential component of an efficient community, creating economic and domestic benefits, and constructed for a range of specific purposes including flood control, hydroelectric power production, irrigation, water supply, sediment control, and navigation.

Dam construction can be a complex and difficult process, requiring expertise, clear focus and a flexible approach to project design and delivery.

Abergeldie has played an integral part in dam building to help communities thrive for over a decade. Our team’s experience in dam works including zoned earth embankments, remediation works and vast concrete structures enable Abergeldie to successfully deliver on all aspects of water storage projects.Our complete construction packages include detail design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning.

An award-winning example of Abergeldie’s work in dam construction is the new spillway and embankment constructed at Grahamstown Dam for Hunter Water in New South Wales.
Abergeldie have also been involved in the Wivenhoe Dam Spillway Remediation and the creation of several reservoirs.

As well as dam building, our team’s capabilities include remediation, dam investigation, dam access upgrades, and reservoir pump construction.

Below are some of Abergeldie’s dam construction projects.