Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Experience

Infrastructure supports communities of all sizes and comprises a multitude of systems including road networks, railways, power and gas, water and sewage, among others.

Infrastructure engineering, as either a large or smaller single structure, is a complex process, often with unique obstacles, that helps bring such systems together.

The engineering component of Abergeldie’s business focuses on broad areas of infrastructure delivery, from recreational infrastructure such as boardwalks, viewing platforms and temporary access and bridge infrastructure for sporting events, through to complex infrastructure such as bridge, road and dam construction and maintenance. Our capabilities in rail and transport include car park construction, railway station construction and modification, as well as various other rail corridor works.

Under our more recent umbrella of structural remediation, Abergeldie is proud to be instrumental in implementing remedial and sustainability works, with a strong focus on restoring and/or extending the life of a range of aging infrastructure assets in Australia, such as marine structures, industrial installations, and water and wastewater infrastructure.

Abergeldie’s range of engineering capabilities are outlined and expanded upon in the categories below.