Posted by: Erin Shilton July 26, 2017

Abergeldie Watertech has been engaged by Wide Bay Water (Fraser Coast Regional Council) to rehabilitate the local sewer network for Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council. The contract is part of a broader sewer relining program being coordinated by Fraser Coast Regional Council for the six councils of the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils, of which Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council is a member. Recognising the importance of cultural heritage to the local indigenous community, Abergeldie is making personal contact with all individual residents affected by the works.

Scope includes:

  • Cleaning of water mains
  • CCTV inspection and condition reporting
  • Relining of sewer mains, refurbishment or replacement of pipework associated with property connections and sewer main joint displacement
  • Rehabilitation of house connection junctions and installation of junction seals
  • Replacement or refurbishment of manhole structures
  • Upgrade and installation of rising and gravity sewer mains and connections from the existing 150mm diameter pipe to a new 200mm diameter pipe.

The $2.5 million, 23 week, design and construct contract affects almost every residence and community building in the Council area, which has a population of some 2,000 predominantly indigenous people.

Cherbourg’s modern history goes back to the 1899 establishment of a Salvation Army mission. As a result of the relocation of indigenous people under past government policies, residents of Cherbourg have connections to many other tribal groups throughout Queensland. The Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council describes its constituents as having “many cultures but one community.” Since the 1960s, Cherbourg has had an elected Aboriginal Council, but it was not until the Deed of Grant in Trust legislation of the 1980s that Cherbourg developed from a welfare institution into a community, managing its own affairs.

Abergeldie’s detailed Community Consultation Plan emphasises sensitivity to the broad and varied cultural heritage of the community residents. It is a condition of the contract that Abergeldie can only access properties after three days’ written notice, and that personal contact must first be made with the resident/owner. A letter box drop exercise is not sufficient. Abergeldie has engaged a local community member, Patrick Alberts, to put the Community Consultation Plan into effect.

Prior to contract award, Abergeldie’s nominated project manager, Christian Dummett spoke to the CEO of Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council to help identify suitable candidates for the job. Patrick, who lives in the town, has worked for Council previously, and is well known to the community so ticked all the boxes on the selection criteria list.

“Patrick’s role is to engage with the local community at an individual level and to be Abergeldie’s representative for interactions with local residents on-site” explains Christian. “He personally provides each resident with information about the works to be carried out; when access will be required and how long the works will take. With the resident’s permission, Patrick inspects each site to determine the most convenient point of access and to locate manholes accurately. He also provides assurance to the residents about the rectification of any disturbance which may be caused by the works”.

image2 - Copy
Patrick Alberts – The Abergeldie Rep for Community Consultation in Cherbourg

Abergeldie Watertech General Manager, Matthew Boyle said “Patrick has done a fantastic job explaining and engaging the community in the work we are doing. Council, the local community and Abergeldie all agree that Patrick is doing an outstanding job”.

The project kicked off on 12 July 2017 and was completed in early October 2017.

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Posted by: Erin Shilton June 29, 2017

In October 2016, Destination New South Wales (DNSW) and Supercars Australia announced Newcastle as the new location for the Supercars 2017 Grand Finale.

Abergeldie is proud to announce it has been awarded three zones of track preparation at a value of $10 million.  Additionally we will be the major contractor tasked with preparing existing infrastructure for the race event and constructing a new section of pavement to compete the 2.6km race circuit. This project cements the relationships forged during Abergeldie’s involvement in the full eight years the V8s were held at Sydney Olympic Park. Works will include service relocations, service upgrades and pavement works. We commenced on site in late May 2017, and will be completed in readiness for the inaugural event, with the V8’s ready to hit Newcastle 24 November 2017.

Posted by: Erin Shilton June 27, 2017

Since our acquisition of the highly respected tunnelling and micro-tunnelling business Harker Underground Ltd in February, our New Zealand operations under the new company Abergeldie Harker Ltd have gone from strength to strength.

In March, we opened our head office in Newmarket, Auckland and have been steadily integrating the IT, financial and reporting systems into our overall management structure. This along with the employment of more than 14 new staff and rebranding our equipment has meant our first few months of operation have been very busy and dynamic.

We are currently completing numerous work in hand contracts in both the north and south islands. Additionally, we have won several new pipe-jacking contracts in the motorway corridor south of Auckland.

The wealth of tunnelling experience and knowledge held by the Harker staff combined with the broad infrastructure capabilities of Abergeldie has created an excellent foundation for providing support, management and construction of the projects proposed by NZ infrastructure owners in the coming decades, particularly in the water and transport industries.

Posted by: Erin Shilton June 26, 2017

Following the recent full acquisition of ASM Fabrications by Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, the newly branded Abergeldie Structural Fabrications is poised to grow. It has the people, experience, systems and financial resources in place to become a more significant supplier of structural steelwork in NSW.

ASM Fabrications has been an important supply partner of Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure for over 20 years by providing most of the structural steelwork installed throughout the projects it has delivered in NSW.

Eight years ago, in recognition of the strategic importance of the relationship, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure became 50% owners of ASM Fabrications. The fabrications workshop was relocated adjacent to the Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure head office in Regents Park NSW.

“By providing high quality steelwork at commercially competitive prices, the partnership with ASM has not been an unimportant factor in the success and growth of Abergeldie” said Mick Boyle Executive Chairman and founder of Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure.

In early March 2017 Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure reached agreement with Mukesh Handa, Managing Director and founder of ASM Fabrications to buy his 50% share of ASM Fabrications.

“The relationship with Abergeldie has been important to the success of ASM. I have felt ASM has been an important part of the Abergeldie team especially over the last 8 years. We have helped Abergeldie build award winning projects such as the V8 Supercars in Sydney and the Burrinjuck Dam upgrade near Yass. The purchase by Abergeldie of 100% of ASM is a logical evolution of our close relationship” said Mukesh Handa who will remain in the business as Operations Manager.

“The great advantage of having an in-house steel fabrication capability is that Abergeldie can be even more timely, flexible and innovative when responding to our clients’ needs” said Greg Taylor.

Posted by: Erin Shilton June 21, 2017

Abergeldie Watertech was awarded a $2.3 million contract in December 2016 for relining 16.5km of sewer pipe servicing the South West areas of Victoria. The remote works have taken place in Coleraine, Hamilton, Warrnambool, Portland and Camperdown, 4 hours west of Melbourne. The relining works have involved a mixture of Ex and Spiral Wound relining methods and have included over 900 junction seals installed. Despite the original schedule being reduced from 26 to 18 weeks due to award prior to our Christmas shutdown, this project is due to be successfully completed by the end of financial year – on time and on budget for a happy client.

Posted by: Erin Shilton May 31, 2017

Abergeldie is a member of Sustainable Business Australia and for the last two years has been voted in the top 10 Corporate Social Responsibility companies in Australia. We understand and accept the science of climate change and the impact it is having on our communities. We foresee the economic sense and prudent business case for Abergeldie to be part of a planned transition from fossil fuel to renewable based power generation and storage.

The process of changing carbon from a solid form (such as coal and wood) to a gaseous form (such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide) increases the earth’s temperature and affects our climate. Gaseous carbon emissions created from burning coal in coal-fired power stations are a major contributor to the process of climate change happening in the world today. This is leading to adverse effects on our natural environment and our rural and urban communities.

We believe placing a price on the production of gaseous carbon pollution, and creating incentives for holding and maintaining solid form carbon, such as coal and trees, is the most fair and efficient way of transitioning to cleaner energy production methods. The change will take some time and planning must include assisting the communities reliant on working in coal mining today.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure understands that mining is essential to many of our current industries and innovative product ideas. Abergeldie works in the mining sector and has developed world-leading shaft drilling technology, blind boring, which enables us to deliver the safest mine shaft construction method in the world. Abergeldie has historically provided numerous shafts for coal mines.

As part of our plan to look beyond coal mining, Abergeldie is researching and investing in developing our shaft sinking expertise for use in energy storage, waste disposal, road and rail infrastructure and sewage treatment. We are also improving the efficiency of our drilling method in the harder rock typically found around metalliferous mines. During our transition Abergeldie will continue to provide our shaft drilling expertise to existing high quality coal producing and mining regions around Australia. Abergeldie will not be pursuing opportunities at coal mines in regions that do not currently produce coal, nor will we participate in unconventional gas projects such as those accessing coal seam gases.


Mick Boyle
Executive Chairman
Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure Pty Ltd

Posted by: Erin Shilton May 29, 2017

Abergeldie’s rail teams have reached a new milestone over the April rail close-down in the Hunter Valley, as our teams worked around the clock to simultaneously deliver work packages at Mount Owen, where a 1:15 swingnose right hand turnout was installed, with a full track recon; and at Scone cutting, where 220 metres of track and formation were removed, reconditioned and replaced.

The April works followed up on the Abergeldie teams’ achievements at Kooragang during the February 2017 shut down, where re-railing, points replacement and signalling decommissioning were successfully delivered.


Posted by: Erin Shilton May 25, 2017

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure Limited is proud to announce that it has established an office in Northern Ireland.  It further announces today that it has been awarded its first project in Europe, an £8.5 million ($A 14 million) project to renovate historic Killeavy Castle and build  a 42 room, 4 star, boutique hotel, spa and wellness centre adjacent to it.  The Killeavy Castle, in County Armagh, sits majestically on the slopes of Slieve Gullion and is the centrepiece of an historic estate comprising 350 acres of farmland and woods.  The hotel and wellness centre will be built on the site of what once were the Killeavy Castle coach house, mill and farm buildings, and will sympathetically incorporate many of their historic features. The project is expected to be completed in late 2018.

This is an exciting project for Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure to launch its operations in Europe.  Abergeldie intends to, on the back of this project, expand its capability and deliver complex infrastructure and building projects throughout the UK and Europe.

Mick Boyle, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure Executive Chairman, has said “The Ring of Gullion countryside is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the setting of Killeavy Castle within it is no less than breathtaking. We are certain it will become the jewel of South Armagh and be a special destination for people from all over the world.  Abergeldie is delighted to be involved in such a wonderful project, which will showcase the capability of our company.”

Mark Donohoe, who returned to Northern Ireland after working with Abergeldie in Australia for 5 years, has been appointed as the Project Manager for the Killeavy Castle project.  “We are delighted that Mark, who is both from Northern Ireland and familiar with the Abergeldie way of working, was available to head our team on this very important project for the company” Mick Boyle said.

Press Release enquiries please contact Helen Wang +61 2 8717 8714.

Posted by: Erin Shilton May 12, 2017

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure is delighted to be named in the CSR Top 10 companies in Australia for the second year in a row.  The 2017 Annual Review of the State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand is published by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR), and is the largest ongoing longitudinal study of CSR practices down under.

The Review names the CSR Top 10 in Australia and the CSR Top 3 in New Zealand, being the companies with the strongest management capabilities for CSR, as rated by their employees.

The CSR Top 10 Australia are (in alphabetical order):

  • Abergeldie
  • Arup
  • Deloitte
  • Ebmpapst
  • LexisNexis
  • PWC
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Transurban
  • WaterAid
  • Yarra Valley Water

170504 CSR Top 10 Abergeldie 1

The Annual Review also shows that the Sustainable Development Goals are gathering pace. Companies are using them to inform business strategy as well as sustainability strategy and commitment is coming from the highest levels of the organisations. The top two Goals being addressed by companies are Gender Equality and Good Health and Well-Being. The most challenging goals to address are Climate Action and Gender Equality.

“Internally this year we have further developed our culture by fitting our CSR philosophy, the Abergeldie Way, into the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  This gives our staff the opportunity to learn about the Goals and come up with innovative ideas on ways we can add to them.  We hope that by using this framework we will encourage other businesses to think about their impact on the sustainability of the world.  This has been best reflected in the partnerships we have developed with key water authorities to improve the efficient use and re-use of water to maximize natural water flows in our river systems” says Abergeldie CEO Greg Taylor.


Posted by: Erin Shilton March 3, 2017

Abergeldie complex Infrastructure has completed the transaction to purchase NZ Tunnelling and Micro Tunnelling specialist Harker Underground Ltd.

Harker Underground Limited was established in 1988 and is one of New Zealand’s most respected tunnelling and micro-tunnelling companies.

Mike Harker, the son of Graeme Harker, and Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure have jointly purchase the equipment and business of Harker Underground Construction Limited. Abergeldie will own around 80% of Abergeldie Harker Limited. Abergeldie Harker commenced operation on 01 March 2017.

“I am delighted that the Harker family once again own a share of the business my father founded. My brother Phillip will also continue to be a key member of staff.” Mike Harker said. “I have known Mick Boyle and Abergeldie for around 7 years and I have no doubt we will work well together and Abergeldie Harker will be very good for our employees and our clients and continue our Father’s legacy.”

“Abergeldie is excited to now own Abergeldie Harker with Mike Harker. Harker has a strong reputation built over 30 years, good equipment and very capable people. Most importantly for me Harker has a culture similar to that of Abergeldie based on safety, innovation, hard-work, fairness and building better communities” said Abergeldie founder and executive chairman Mick Boyle.

Abergeldie Harker is poised to grow and has the people, experience, systems and financial resources in place to become a significant player delivering complex infrastructure to water, wastewater, stormwater and rail asset owners across NZ.