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EX Method is a PVC trenchless structural lining system manufactured in Australia under factory-controlled quality standards. It is a ‘Fold and Form’ renewal method.

The material of choice for new sewer pipes is PVC: an EX liner provides the same strength, durability and long life of a new PVC pipe without the need for costly excavation. Entry to access chambers is generally not required by personnel during the process of installation.

The benefits of the EX Method lining system include:


  • Installation of multiple liners each day;
  • The finished liner is joint free along its length with smooth transitions at offsets and bends;
  • Proven track record of success, having been installed in Australia since 1993;
  • Improvements in flow capacity of up to 40%;
  • Australian-made.

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The Cured In Place Pipeline (CIPP) renewal method has been used worldwide since pipeline renewals were first introduced. CIPP is a tried and tested method for restoring structural integrity to pipelines. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Enviroliner is a CIPP renewal method designed as a structural lining system with a 50 year design life. Abergeldie Watertech offers Enviroliner in a number of configurations to renew pipelines of various shapes (mainly circular and oviform) and diameters.


  • Adjustable liner thickness to suit different design criteria;
  • Resin systems factory-impregnated into the liner can be specifically chosen for environmental conditions;
  • Seamless and jointless ‘pipe-within-a-pipe’ with smooth continuous surfaces;
  • Proven track record of success;
  • Improvements in flow capacity of up to 40%.



A resin impregnated, flexible tube is placed into the existing conduit and either inverted or pulled into position. Using steam or hot water, the conduit is then cured into a hardened state. Internal water or air pressure holds the new liner pipe in close contact with the host pipe wall, allowing curing to occur. As the Enviroliner cures, it assumes the shape of the host pipe.


Enviroliner has been successfully installed in pipes with a wide range of shapes and diameters, from 100mm to over 2,500 mm.
The liner material comes in several forms, comprised of an acid-resistant needled polyester tube, reinforced with glass fibres for additional strength. All liners are manufactured under factory QA conditions to the diameter and thickness required.