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Product Description:

Municipalities have millions of private and commercial businesses connected to sewer reticulation systems, all of which need to be maintained. For structural renovation of complete lengths of House Service Lines (HSLs) Abergeldie Watertech offers Flexiliner.


The Flexiliner system installs a structural liner through the entire length of the existing pipe including all bends and boundary traps. This trenchless lining system is deployed from a house inspection opening (IO) or boundary trap (BT) as the access point. The resin impregnated Flexiliner tube is inverted into the host pipe using a liner gun with a small footprint suitable for tight access. The liner is held tightly against the host pipe until the resin has completely hardened. Any excess resin placed into the liner during impregnation is forced into cracks, open joints and around the connection to the reticulation or main liner. Branches and vent connections along the length of the liner are reinstated using robotic cutters. The junction of the lateral or HSL liner to the main sewer or stormwater pipe is trimmed flush to finish the installation.

Sizes and Materials

Suitable for 100mm and 150mm diameter pipes (the range of sizes of most lateral or HSL connections).
Larger diameters can also be relined with this system; however Abergeldie Watertech’s Ex Method, SWP DiaFit and Enviroliner are more suited for larger diameter pipes.

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To seal branch connections, Abergeldie Watertech offers two systems, Tiger T and Top Hat. Both systems seal and repair pipe branch connections (100mm +) up to and including the first joint.


The Tiger T or Top Hat patch is first impregnated with resin and then placed over a purpose built installation packer. The junction seal is then moved into the host pipe and positioned at the location of the connection using a small CCTV to monitor accuracy. The installation packer is then inflated using air pressure to position the seal into the branch connection. The Tiger T or Top Hat is held in this position until the resin has hardened, after which the packer is deflated, the junction seal inspected and the apparatus retrieved.


Tiger T is available to suit pipe diameters 150mm, 225mm and 300mm.

Top Hat seals are available to suit diameters 375mm to 750mm.


A fibrous material sheet or tube is manufactured into the shape of each size of Tiger T or Top Hat. The patch material is impregnated with a silicate resin using tightly controlled and documented procedures.