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Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, with joint venture partners, awarded Capital Works Program for Melbourne Water

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure (Abergeldie) in a joint venture with partners RCR Tomlinson (RCR) and Stantec Australia (Stantec) is pleased to announce that an initial 3-year Framework Agreement plus extensions of up to a further seven (7) years has been executed with Melbourne Water to deliver critical projects for its Water and Sewerage Capital Works Program.

Abergeldie, together with its partners, will deliver a program of works covering a diverse range of design and construct and pipeline rehabilitation projects. Melbourne Water has indicated that the capital works program over the next 3-year period is valued at approximately $500 million. The program will be shared between Abergeldie and its partners, and one other preferred service provider.

We are proud to have executed this agreement after Melbourne Water initiated a rigorous and innovative selection process with a particular focus on social procurement, which required all applicants to complete Hudson Safety Culture surveys and personality tests to identify cultural alignment. Abergeldie, RCR, and Stantec demonstrated that we were able to meet Melbourne Water’s requirements including commitment to business integrity, diversity, inclusion and reconciliation as well engineering and construction expertise, approach to safety, capability and cost.

This agreement reflects another important step in Abergeldie’s 24-year history as an Australian owned multi-discipline construction company that delivers complex infrastructure contracts. Recent and current projects include a broad range of civil works, including structural remediation, wastewater treatment plants and reticulation facilities, potable water storage, roads, bridges, rail, dams, pipe lines, mine ventilation shafts, tunnels, electrical sub stations, materials handling and recreational facilities.

Mick Boyle, Abergeldie Managing Director, said “We are extremely pleased to be involved in delivering this program of works alongside our joint venture partners and Melbourne Water. It is important and complex work and we are looking forward to safely and innovatively providing and rehabilitating the essential infrastructure needed to build better communities across Melbourne.”

Posted by: Erin Shilton February 2, 2017

Harker Underground Limited was established in 1988 and is one of New Zealand’s most respected tunnelling and micro-tunnelling companies.
Six years ago Hawkins purchased Harker from Graeme Harker who founded the company. Over the last six years under the Hawkins umbrella Harker has grown and diversified. The governance of the business has been strengthened. The management systems have been developed and are now acknowledged as industry leading. The equipment has had significant investment.
Mike Harker, the son of Graeme Harker, and Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure have in the last few days agreed terms to jointly purchase the equipment and business of Harker Underground Construction Limited. Abergeldie will own 80% and Mike Harker 20% of Abergeldie Harker Limited. It is expected that the transaction will be completed on 28 February 2017.
“I am delighted that the Harker family will once again own a share of the business my father founded. My brother Phillip will also continue to be a key member of staff.” Mike Harker said. “I have known Mick Boyle and Abergeldie for around 7 years and I have no doubt we will work well together and Abergeldie Harker will be very good for our employees and our clients and continue our Father’s legacy.”
“Abergeldie is excited to invest in Harker. Harker has a strong reputation built over 30 years, good equipment and very capable people. Most importantly for me Harker has a culture similar to that of Abergeldie based on safety, innovation, hard-work, fairness and building better communities” said Abergeldie founder and executive chairman Mick Boyle. “Abergeldie is a leading shaft and tunnelling company in Australia. Harker is a leading tunnelling and micro tunnelling company in New Zealand. The investment by Abergeldie in Harker will allow Abergeldie and Abergeldie Harker to share technical expertise, personnel and equipment. It will strengthen our tunnelling and shaft capabilities in both New Zealand and Australia and make us leaders in both countries.”
As well as shaft and tunnel construction Abergeldie Harker will bring to the New Zealand market some of the niche capabilities that Abergeldie has developed such as shaft sinking by blind boring, pipe relining, excavation by blasting as well as our capabilities in the water and rail sectors.
Matt Mules, Harker National Manager, has been appointed General Manager of Abergeldie Harker.
Abergeldie Harker is poised to grow and has the people, experience, systems and financial resources in place to become a significant player delivering complex infrastructure to water, wastewater, stormwater and rail asset owners across NZ.
Press Release enquiries please contact Matt Mules on +64 274455635.