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m coating - M-COATINGThis no-entry coating technique allows circular and rectangular shafts to be cleaned and coated using an automated spin cast method of application. A fully automated centrifugal spray unit coats shaft walls to any required thickness. The system is suitable for concrete access chambers and wet wells. It is a safe method of coating shafts as no personnel are required to enter during the coating process.


A rotating cleaning nozzle is connected to a high pressure water pump delivering 39,000kPa (5600psi) to enable thorough cleaning of the walls prior to coating. Coating is then applied using an integrated, fully automated system consisting of a mixer, pump and a centrifugal spray head. The centrifugal spray is guided up and down inside the shaft using a gantry mounted winch at a constant, controlled rate to enable the design thickness of mortar to be applied in several passes. The number of passes will determine the final coating thickness. Mortar can also be applied overhead to platforms and to benching when required.


The M-Coating system is suitable for concrete structures from 500mm to 3000mm in diameter.


The M-Coating system is suitable for a range of corrosion protection mortars including normal and calcium aluminate cement and aggregate mix.

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Product Description:

Assessment of access chambers and wet wells can involve significant OH&S risk, requiring confined space entry for inspections. The 3D Scanner mitigates this risk by removing the need for personnel to enter the access chamber.


The 3D scanner is operated via a display and control unit using a cable winch incorporated into a specially-fitted vehicle. It can also be used portably for difficult to access locations.

The system uses a highly sophisticated camera head on a pulley which scans the entire interior of the access chamber or wet well in a few seconds in a single vertical run using Panoramo technology. The image data is transmitted digitally to the operator and can be used as a live picture survey for on-the-spot analysis, or saved for later assessment by either Abergeldie or client personnel.

The software used for desk top analysis, allows the operator to stop at any position within the chamber, pan 360 degrees, zoom in and zoom out, perform an image capture and completely analyse the condition of the access chamber.

Available Sizes

The 3D Scanner can be used for access chambers from 400mm diameter upwards, with depth of up to 90m. The camera can process 360 degree images from within access chambers at speeds up to 350mm per second. The 3D Scanner uses two high resolution digital cameras with specially designed distortion-free wide-angle lenses. The diameter of the camera is only 250mm.