Bridge Design & Construction

Proud of its reputation as one of the leading bridge construction companies in Australia, Abergeldie have successfully delivered bridge civil engineering projects for more than twenty years. Over the course of these years, our continuous learning curve within this specific sector has led us to become expert problem-solvers and advisors, from the planning and design of standard or unique bridge infrastructure concepts to their completion.

Our extensive expertise allows us to take on all aspects of bridge engineering including electrical work and road works. We adhere strictly to legislative safety requirements throughout the construction, refurbishment, repairs or upgrade procedure, using the correct equipment both below and above water. Abergeldie is also qualified to act as an assessor to carry out bridge construction engineering and infrastructure controls.

Bridge engineering can be extremely challenging; time-frames must be respected, works must be coordinated with city or rural traffic and the logistics of transporting large prefabricated steel structures must be correctly planned. Our engineers have the experience to produce unique and aesthetic pedestrian bridges without forfeiting safety and durability. As leaders in bridge construction in Australia, Abergeldie has amassed significant experience and is able to face and solve every challenge in a variety of often cutting-edge bridge construction methods. Our vast experience extends to realignment, strengthening, and upgrades of pedestrian, rail and motorway bridges.