Project Description:

The Climb Robot is a Hachler pneumatic milling robot that is the latest in robotic development for the trenchless industry. It offers superior manoeuvrability, grinding power and reach in pipes and junctions that are otherwise difficult to access. It is suitable for removing the build-up of concrete, protrusions, tree roots and displaced joint grinding. Climb also performs T-Seal removal or edge and horn trimming, as well as the removal of small bore main liners and lateral liners. It can also be used to remove defective T-Seals in branch lines as an alternative to expensive and potentially damaging excavation.

The Climb Robot is operated by a continual process of sequential inflation then deflation of two air bladders. It can traverse the mainline and is then able to enter and climb up into the branch line. Once positioned at the defect, the bladders are inflated to hold the robot firmly in position so that the powerful milling head can be operated to repair the defect accurately. The Climb is able to tackle very steep inclines and drive through bends using its pneumatic drive to power its movement.

Available Sizes

The Climb Robot is specifically suitable for grinding work in small diameter pipelines and lateral connection pipes with diameters 100mm to 225mm.