Complex infrastructure projects that build better communities



Abergeldie designs, and delivers complex infrastructure projects including dams, bridges, tunnels, recreation facilities, water treatment and process facilities, pipelines, rail and mining infrastructure, electrical substations and marine works. Our specialist remediation units rehabilitate degraded civil structures and apply highly specialised technologies to reline degraded pipelines.

Complex projects, large or small, challenge the loyal, professional and multi-disciplined Abergeldie team to “think outside the square”. Ingenuity, innovation and attention to detail are what gives Abergeldie its reputation for quality – meeting and exceeding client expectations again and again. Abergeldie applies the professional engineering and management standards of a major contractor with an open and flexible approach. Adapting to meet the diverse requirements of each client and project is always our priority.

Growth since 1994

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure was established by Mick Boyle in 1994, with its mission to deliver the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities. Starting with a single office in Sydney, Abergeldie has expanded its operations throughout eastern Australia and internationally. The Abergeldie group employs near 450 people across four countries, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Newry (Northern Ireland).

Growth in capacity and consistently high quality project delivery, along with strategic corporate acquisitions, have won Abergeldie recognition as a leading mid-tier infrastructure provider. The company now has expertise across an increasingly broad range of project types. These include:

rail and transport
water, dams and marine
tunnelling, pipe jacking and mine shafts
trenchless technologies for pipe re-lining
structural remediation

More information on our company’s development here.



The more complex the project, the greater the opportunity for Abergeldie to excel.

Abergeldie has been recognised by its peers in the Industry with sixteen CCF Construction Excellence Awards, three Engineering Excellence awards, two Australian Water Industry Awards, two Australian Society for Trenchless Technology Awards, two heritage awards and two Mining Prospect Awards in recent years. See details of all our awards here.

Whatever the project or service, our teams maintain unwavering dedication to safety, acknowledged through accreditation by the Office of the Federal Safety Commission. Our management systems in safety, quality and environment are third party certified to Australian, New Zealand and international standards.

Delivering quality results to meet and exceed our client’s expectations is what we do best.


Our commitment to community development goes beyond our daily jobs. Ranked by ACCSR in the top 10 companies in Australia for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for 2016, 2017 and 2018, supporting the community is just part of our culture and always has been. Find out more about our community involvement here.

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