Posted by: admin October 8, 2011

Damaged by Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, Queensland Sugar Limited’s 5 km long jetty and bulk sugar loader at Lucinda, 150 km north of Townsville, will be back in action by April 2012, thanks to an intense and complex, fast-track program of repair works. Abergeldie was awarded the $30 000 000 contract in September 2011, allowing just six months to get the jetty and loader up and running again before the next sugar harvesting season begins.

Nearly all of the works will be carried out at heights, over water, up to 5 km out to sea, and sometimes under water, demolishing and repairing unstable, damaged structures, services and equipment. Getting the job done to the high standards demanded and within the time allowed will be no small challenge. But for the Abergeldie team, the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity to excel.

Because the damaged jetty and loader structures are unstable, specialised marine access, work platform and lifting equipment will be used. The key element will be a Sea Lift 4 jack-up barge, with a capacity of up to 250t, supported by four hydraulic “spud” legs. The Sea Lift 4 can provide a stable work platform above the high water level in depths up to 36 meters. It will be delivered to the site by road, in 26 standard semi-trailer loads. A 150t lattice jib crawler crane will work from the jack-up barge platform. The list of specialised marine equipment also includes two shuttle barges and the 1,200 HP “Black Panther” 24 m utility vessel to move them around. The tug, barges and crane will enable a complex array of gantries and access platforms to be erected to enable repairs to the wharf and jetty cladding to proceed.


Posted by: admin September 6, 2011

Two Abergeldie teams set off from Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River at 9 am on Friday 26 August for an (almost) non-stop 100 km stroll to enjoy the view over Sydney Harbour from Georges Heights less than 48 hours later – and raised more than $11,201 for Oxfam along the way.

The Abergeldie Greens team of four hardy hikers finished in 202nd place in a time of 27 hours and 33 minutes. Three of the four Abergeldie Blacks stayed the course to finish in 454th place after 35 hours and 21 minutes.

Two of our team members, Mick Boyle and Michael Trumm, were backing up from the Brisbane Oxfam Trailwalk through which they trudged their way on 17 and 18 June. That’s dedication for you.

From all of the walkers, heartfelt (and foot-felt) thanks to those who helped to make these annual events so successful through their physical, moral and financial support.