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As part of the Australian and Queensland Governments Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Program, Abergeldie completed construction of the new raw water intakes from the Burnette River at Gayndah and Mundubbera after they were destroyed in the 2011 and 2013 floods.

The pump well intake structure at Gayndah was constructed in 5m of water beside the existing Claude Wharton Weir and the well shaft was built by stacking eight precast segments on top of each other. Each segment weighed between 34 and 50 tonne.

The intake structure at Mundubberra involved the replacement of the existing jetty to suspend the water intake pumps and pipework. The jetty consists of 900mm x 10m long steel lined reinforced concrete piles socketed 3m into bedrock.

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Abergeldie were engaged to construct and commission a 3 Megalitre reservoir pump station and 400m long rising main, including conduit runs, electrical installation and hypochlorite dosing facility. Associated civil works included construction of an access road and various concrete works including a valve pit and retaining walls. Commissioning and cut in to existing mains.

Complex Challenges:

The construction site was extremely steep, with restricted access for equipment and very limited space for assembly or storage of construction components. The reservoir was constructed using steel plates, fabricated in an off-site workshop to the correct size and shape.

The plates were then transported to the site to be erected and welded piece by piece, followed by a multi-step painting process under stringent quality control conditions. The result was a solid, durable, hydrostatic steel reservoir for potable water storage.