Posted by: Erin Shilton March 17, 2017

Part of the Transport Access Program, this is a design and construct project to improve access for customers and deliver modern and secure transport infrastructure.

The scope of work includes construction of three lift wells and installation of passenger lifts, a new electrical substation, electrical conduit connections beneath the rail corridor, upgrades to stairs, ramps and subways, signage, lighting, new rain shelters and amenities on all four platforms.


Some works on the station platforms, at the station entrance and in the pedestrian tunnels beneath the tracks are being carried out while the station remains open to the public. These elements are being carefully staged to minimise disruption and maintain public safety.

The electrical demand of the new lifts requires a new substation, with conduit connections installed by directional drilling, passing under the rail tracks.

Other works, such as excavation and piling for construction of the lift wells, can only be carried out during weekend rail possession periods within strictly pre-determined time windows.  Programming of works during possession periods has been planned in hour by hour detail, with two shift teams working around the clock.

Image: Courtesy of Transport for NSW

Posted by: Erin Shilton February 16, 2017

Abergeldie has been awarded a contract to design and construct an underpass for pedestrians beneath the rail corridor within the new Site 3 Pocket Park at Sydney Olympic Park. The new underpass will link Pocket Park and the boundary of Site 68 (a development that is being undertaken separately by the Principal).

Construction involves excavation through the rail embankment to allow installation of the box culvert section, terracing, retaining walls, paving, seating and street furniture, lighting, gabion wall cladding, handrails and stormwater drainage.   Park landscaping will include new and transplanted large trees,  with an irrigation system operated from a centralised time control system.

The installation of the precast concrete box culvert will be carried out during a 72hr rail possession.  Timing will be critical, with each step of the works programmed on an hour by hour basis, to avoid late hand back of the rail corridor which must be reopened for trains early the following morning. A lifting and skidding system will be used to jack up and slide precast culvert into place.